Game The Blue City: a call-to-action to rescue nature in cities


The Blue City is a watch & play game with the purpose of balancing the presence of nature in cities. The game encourages us to change our behavior when it comes to water, sewage, urban trash, permeable areas and flora preservation. It does it combining narrative and missions. The Blue City enables gamers to map cities and promote call-to-actions so gamers have to accomplish missions in both virtual and physical world. Finally, it presents metrics to gamers, showing how much their action changed the situation of their game area.

The Blue City is a producer with a cause: nature in cities
We work with culture and education
Our cause is the heart of everything we create.


Revealing the underground world of cities

The adventure and fantasy series brings the story of Obi, an afro-indigenous girl that receives from magical entities a special mission: to rescue the underground world of cities. Guided by supernatural beings from ancient cultures, she and her friends dive into a journey of reconnection with forgotten traditions and the rescue of suffocated urban nature.

Our purpose is to accelerate urban innovation,
revealing what is real today and exploiting new possibilities for tomorrow.

The Blue Cities TV series: rivers are the heart of cities


The Blue Cities is a documentary

TV series that travels through Brazilian cities rescuing the history of rivers, most of them polluted and buried. The series reports how the pollution process is related to the development of cites, especially with the ideal of progress. The first season was released on public TVs in 2019/2020.

Parnership: Sopa Digital.

Sponsorship: Fundo Setorial Audiovisual.

Innovation, storytelling and gamification can help redesign the future, from centralized and obsolete systems to distributed and efficient solutions. Connection with nature in cities only happens through the practical experience of getting closer to it.