Three days of immersion to think, feel, reflect, experience and share our waters!

Solutions that transform

For working hands, a space with maker workshops and a fair focused on innovation and solutions

Inspire that connect

For pulsating hearts, dance workshops, music shows

and sensory experiences with love and intensity

Information that instrumentalize

For thinking heads, talks, information exchange and a graphic exhibition with amazing content



Visual Arts exhibition designed by art director Carol Ferrés, Blue City project founder. Under the topic "we are channels of water", Carol will approach the water cycle and our relation with it, particularly in cities.


In order to deepen connection, sensory experiences and Brand Experiences developed by the scenographer Carol Piccin, MateriaLab founder. MateriaLab is a company that builds sustainable paths from research, technology and design.


The innovation space putns an eye to the future presenting the work developed by Water Innovation Lab. WIL is an enterprise developed by canadian NGO named Waterlution and organized in Brazil by cultural producer Dawn Flemming.


Rubens Oliveira's dance workshops bring a body approach, because dancing is a powerfull self-transformation tool. Through the moving body we reconnect to our physical constitution and to our emotional an subtle aspects.


In the end of each day of the festival, shows with the curatorship and direction of  music producer Digo Amazonas.


Workshops that teach how to take care of the water we consume in our lives. Rainwater catchment systems, how to make non-polluting cleaning products and cosmetics, how to build raingardens, etc.


Talks with guests and different approaches about topics related to the water we consume in daily life, urban rivers, public and private responsibilities, etc. Curation and mediation of Denis Burgierman and Carol Ferr´´es.


Carol Piccin

Carol Piccin is founder of MateriaLAB Design, a business that makes connection between brands and innovation. The company creates solutions combining research, technology and design, to make the business chain more socioeconomic and environmentally balanced. MateriaLAB has created the scenography of events for Red Bull and Sustainable Brands and helps achitectural and design offices promoting circular economy associated to design. The enterprise also developed Materioteca, a catalog of sustainable materials and technologies used in architecture, design and industrial projects.

Carol Ferrés

Carol Ferrés is a social enterpreneur supported by Red Bull Amaphiko program. She is designer, art director and Blue City Movement founder. Blue City was launched in 2015 and created a platform that helps find São Paulo’s hidden rivers. Blue City also developed audioguides, urban interventions and videos. Carol is also the owner of the cultural producer Blue City and autor of TV series The Blue Cities, that will be released in 2019. The series first season travels thorugh ten cities in Brazil telling the history of their rivers and addressing the relationship between citizens and rivers. It alsos research and present innovative solutions that aim to take care of water.

Dawn Fleming

Dawn Flemming works since 2010 in a canadian NGO named Waterlution creating and managing the Water Innovation Labs (WILs) all over the world. She has brought her experience in the Canadian, European and, more recently, Brazilian editions. Natural of London, Dawn grew up in Canadá and lives in Brazil eight years ago, after leaving London in 2010. Besindes her work with Waterlution, she inegrates the Cia. Artesãos do Corpo (Body Craftmet). She is also the director of Cultura Curiosa (Curious Culture), an agency in São Paulo thar creates unlikely meetings with amazing people.





Communication & Media