we are channels of water
The Blue City is a producer with a cause: 
water in cities
We are a social business
We operate in the areas of culture and education
Our cause is the heart of everything we create

Blue City Mission, the mobile game: a call-to-action to discover the world of the hidden rivers 

Blue City Mission is a watch-and-play mobile game that enables players to map cities flows of water in both private and public spaces. The game also promotes calls-to-action to change behaviors in terms of urban water consumption and wastewater discharge. Blue City Mission is narrative-driven based on stories of ancestral cultures. It is designed using technologies such as geolocation and augmented reality.

In prototyping phase.

Our purpose is to accelerate urban innovation,
revealing what is real today and exploiting new possibilites for tomorrow

Blue City Festival:

celebrating water through art, technology and innovation

Under the topic "we are channels of water", The Blue City Festival will gather visual arts, sensorial experiences, dance workshops, shows, maker workshops, talks and innovation. The festival will take place n 2020, at Vila Madalena neighbourhood, in São Paulo city.


Storytelling is inherent to human nature. Creating narratives is essential

Audiovisual production is perhaps the most intensely collaborative profession that exists

Blue City Mission, the series: an adventure fiction that rescues ancestral wisdom

to reveal city rivers in people’s hearts. The fictional series Blue City Mission tells the story of Oby, a eleven years old girl that receives from elemental forces of nature a special mission: to discover a hidden river. Guided by supernatural characters originated from native cultures, she and her friends embark in a ancient wisdom rescue and reconnection to nature. The series is mixes live action and animation.

The series is being scripted.

We turn our rivers into sewage channels in most cities of Brazil and Latin America
It is a paradox
We kill our rivers and then we are unable to enjoy the well-being they provide, while governments spend millions of dollars to catch water farther and farther away

Blue City Mission at schools

São Paulo has more than 300 hidden rivers. There is a hidden river not further than 200 meters away from you. The same situation happens in most cities of Brazil and Latin America. Blue City invites schools to discover  the river flowing underneath them.

Connection with nature in cities only happens through the practical experience of getting closer to its rivers

The Blue Cities TV series: rivers are the heart of cities

The Blue Cities is a documentary

TV series that travels through brasilian cities rescuing the history of rivers, most of them polluted and buried. The series reports how pollution process is related to the development of cites. The first season will be released on public TVs in 2019.

Parnership: Sopa Digital.

Sponsorship: Fundo Setorial Audiovisual.

Innovation and gamification can help redesign the basic sanitation system in cities, from a centralized and obsolet system to distributed and efficient solutions

Casa Oby, the documentary: the

dream of São Paulo

What about telling the story of Pinheiros River from a house built on its riveside? Casa Oby is a series half documentary and half fiction. The series aims to inspire a reconnection feeling and a look of hope to one of the most important rivers of São Paulo city and yet, fully polluted and marginalized. Casa Oby creates a fantastic storytelling and a situation of real proximity to the river.

The series is being scripted.